Neil Brown Ocean Sensors, Inc

CT sensor
Cabled CT Sensor
 The NBOSI Cabled CT sensor consists of an internal field, 4-electrode conductivity cell with an integral, pressure-protected thermistor and a high precision, self-referencing electronics board.  The CT cell is available in a range of standard cable lengths and connector types. By default, the serial port outputs data as Temperature, Conductivity and Running Time at a 5 Hz sample rate and a baud rate of 9600-N-8-1.  A bulkhead mount pressure sensor is available if required and is easily interfaced to the electronics board. 

sensor and board
Hull-mount CT
The NBOSI Hull-mount CT sensor consists of a low-profile, internal field cell with an integral, thermistor and a standard CT electronics board. The sensor body integrates a thru-hull penetrator for direct hull mounting.